Book Launch

Thomas Oscendale is back!

The sequel to ‘The Dead of Mametz’ is available from 1 July.

It’s the summer of 1917 and the great British offensive at Passchendaele is underway.

Oscendale is home on leave in the south Wales sea port of Barry, still tormented by the horrors of the Western Front. He is asked to assist the local police in their investigation of the savage murder of a war widow who is found dead in her bedroom.

A cryptic note is found at the scene which sets Oscendale on a hunt to find the killer before he strikes again. However, the trail is more complicated than he first realises and when the murderer strikes a second time, Oscendale must use all his skill to solve the riddles that are sent to him by the killer.

This multi-layered novel also explores the devastating effects of mechanised warfare on the human mind. Oscendale’s descent, both figuratively and literally, into Hell and his subsequent re-emergence echoes the struggle we all have in reconciling the ghosts of the past with our future lives.






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